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Trivia Question Possible Answers
1. The San Coick (North Hoosick) Skirmish was on August 14th, 1777 and the 1st & 2nd Engagements of the Battle were on Aug 16th in Walloomsac. What happened on the 15th?
  1. Both sides waited for reinforcements
  2. Rain all day prevented flint-locks from firing
  3. Col Baum waited for orders to advance
  4. It took a day to rebuild the San Coick bridge
2. The Wood Plant employed 1,500 people and the census of 1890 listed the population of Hoosick Falls at 7,000. What is the population of the Village of Hoosick Falls from the 2000 census?
  1. 6,759 in Town and 3,436 in Village
  2. 6,759 in Town and 5,436 in Village
  3. 14,759 in Town and 8,032 in Village
3. Local people organized a committee in 1950 to stop the Hoosick River flooding in the Village, the project dredged the river, removed the dam, built retaining walls and provided other safeguards against future floods. How much did it cost?
  1. $100,000.00
  2. $200,000.00
  3. $1,000,000.00
  4. $10,000,000.00
4. Name the Medal of Honor winner who is buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery?
  1. Seth Parsons
  2. David Shipman
  3. Delmer Runkel
  4. Harris Hawthorne
5. The Natty Bumppo character from "The Last of The Mohicans" was inspired by a person who is buried in The First Baptist Church cemetery in Hoosick Falls? What is his name?
  1. Nathaniel Shipman
  2. Nathaniel Skinner
  3. Charles Cheney
  4. William Thomas
6. Name two people from the area who lived to be over 100 years old?
  1. Walter Wood and Grandma Moses
  2. Frank Stevens and Homer Rowley
  3. William Carey and Warren Montgomery
  4. Grandma Moses and Harry Van Surdam
7. There have been mills in operation at this exact location since the end of the Revolutionary War. These mills include a saw mill, a flax mill, a cloth mill and a paper mill. It is believed to be the only location in Rensselaer County where industries have operated continuously since the late 1700s, where is this?
  1. Hoosick Falls
  2. Buskirk
  3. North Hoosick
  4. Walloomsac
8. He became our 21st President, his father was pastor of the Hoosick Baptist Church and they lived on the Hill Road for 5 years. What is his name?
  1. James Garfield
  2. Chester Arthur
  3. Rutherford Hayes
9. In 1924 she was the first fully ordained woman minister in the State of New York. What is her name?
  1. Harriet Hoctor
  2. Edit Craig Reynolds
  3. Dorothy Church Howe
  4. Anna Mary Robertson
10. In 1837, he built the Phoenix Hotel, which was located at the site of the present Key Bank parking lot. In the 1870's he wrote the Annals of Hoosick, which were published in the Rensselaer County Standard. What is his name?
  1. Charles Q. Eldredge
  2. Levi Chandler Ball
  3. Hobart Warren
  4. Harry N. Weir
11. Hoosick was a Land Patent in 1688, then it became a District and then a Town. Hoosick remained a District for many years before it was organized as a Town in 1788. When did Hoosick become a District?
  1. 1715
  2. 1772
  3. 1784
12. In 1939 Bing Crosby was rated #2 in a popularity survey, the #1 was from Hoosick Falls. Who was it?
  1. Richard Dix
  2. Bob Eberly
  3. Will Kennedy
  4. Ray Eberly
13. Walter Wood began manufacturing in Hoosick Falls in 1852, he died in 1892. In 1905 there were 1,134 employess in the Walter A. Wood Mowing & Reaping Co. When did the Hoosick Falls Company close for good?
  1. 1914
  2. 1924
  3. 1929
14. The original title to the soil of the Town of Hoosick comes from the Hoosick Patent of 1688, the Walloomsac Patent of 1739 and the Schneider Patent of 1762. About 92,000 acres in total, which one was the largest?
  1. Hoosick
  2. Walloomsac
  3. Schneider
15. The British were outnumbered 1100 to 2500 and August 16th, 1777 was the first major victory for the American revolutionary forces. Approximately how many British troops were killed or captured in Walloomsac?
  1. 600
  2. 900
  3. 1100
16. The Town of Hoosick consists of the following named areas: Hoosick, Hoosick Falls, East Hoosick, West Hoosick, North Hoosick, Hoosick Junction, Buskirk, Breese Hollow, Eagle Bridge, Mapletown, Pine Valley, Clay Hill, Potter Hill, Hill Road, Wilson Hill, Johnson Hill and Walloomsac. One is a Village and the others are considered Hamlets or Rural areas, How many are Hamlets?
  1. 5
  2. 7
  3. 12
17. How many Town of Hoosick residents lost their lives during military service in the Civil War, WWI and WWII combined?
  1. 28
  2. 59
  3. 92
18. Where was the first Christian worship and Church in the Town of Hoosick?
  1. North Hoosick
  2. Walloomsac
  3. Hoosick
  4. Hoosick Falls
19. References to the origins of the word Hoosick indicate it as an Indian word that means "beyond place" and refers to hunting grounds "beyond the Hudson", another is an indian word meaning "place of stones" and another meaning "Valley of Owls". A local tale is that it is from an early settler calling across the river "Who's Sick in the Falls".
What is the meaning of the word Hoosick?
  1. "Beyond the Hudson"
  2. "Place of stones"
  3. "Valley of Owls"
  4. "Who's Sick in the Falls"
20. The names of Dutch patent holders and pioneer/early settlers:
Van Rensselaer, Van Ness, Van Vechten, Van Courtlandt, Schneyder, Watteck, Laeke, Johnson, Williamson, Archerly, Abbott, Taylor, Voorhees, Hallenbeck, Collins, De Lancy, Stuyvesant, Williams, Morris, Vrooman, Fort, Viele, Van Buskirk, Nichols, Bradt, Bovie, Oothout, Breese, Fonda, Ouderkirk, Vanderrick, Huyck, Brimmer, Roberts, Cott, Van Denberg, Van Corlaer, Norwood,Surdam, Bull, Hogle, Hodges, Kellogg, Bennett, Sickels, Waite, Brown, Cass, Guile, Stillwell, Quackenbush, Ostrander, Palmer, Randall, Helling, Patten, Fuller, Goff, Van Home, Curtis, Pease, Walworth, Cornstock, Chase, Osborn, Patchin, Bishop, Webb, Wallace, Lottridge, Eddy, Carpenter and Clark.
Of these 73 names, how many are remembered today as names of roads, hamlets or rural areas in the Town of Hoosick?
  1. 3
  2. 5
  3. 7
  4. 9
  5. 11