Hoosick Township Historical Society

Edith Beaumont

Edith Beaumont was born in Hoosick Falls on December 30, 1922. Her parents were Bernard and Carrie Gigel Lester, and they lived on McCaffery Street. She attended Hoosick Falls Public Schools and graduated from high school in 1940. She went to work at the Colasta and later at the Speciality Company as a billing clerk.

On October 16, 1948, Edith married Thomas Beaumont. They had two children, Robert and Paul. The children are married and Edie has five grandchildren. In 1950, she turned to her major career as a newspaper reporter and correspondent. She worked for the Bennington Banner, the Troy Record, and the Hoosick Falls Standard Press. Edie also had articles printed in the Albany Times Union and New York Times. She covered many meetings in the township as well as all breaking news. She developed her own photos and was an outstanding reporter. Edie also had a talent for finding human interest stories about the area. For four years in the late seventies and early eighties, Edie worked as a real estate agent.

In 1965, Mary Moses, daughter-in-law of Grandma Moses, had the idea of buying the Eagle Bridge schoolhouse, move it to land on the Moses Farm and set up a museum. She talked to Edie Beaumont who called on Mary Case and Ann Armstrong to help her in this undertaking. They worked with the Moses family to set up a museum devoted to the life of Grandma Moses. The three woman and the Moses family went through mementos and set up an excellent working museum.

Mrs. Beaumont did all the publicity, wrote the museum brochure and worked in the museum. Just before it opened on August 4, 1966, a photograph of the museum by Edie appeared in the New York Times. Until the Moses museum was moved to Bennington, it was a popular tourist stop.

Edie was a charter member of the Elks Auxiliary which began in 1956. She served as President and did publicity for the organization. In 1975 when the Hoosick Township Historical Society was formed, she became involved, did the publicity and was elected Secretary. She held this office for three years until she was elected President and held that office for many years.

The Historical Society was very active. They were given a room at the Hoosick Falls Central School for a mini-museum. Virginia Lavin and Isabel Marshall took charge of the museum and received backing from Edie and the membership. In 1982, the Miller Family donated their home at 166 Main Street to the Society. Committees were formed and a fund drive of $50,000 was started. As the funds came in, renovation of the building took place. Items of historic value were donated to the museum, and soon the museum was open with many wonderful displays. Edie served as Curator of the Museum for over 14 years. She didn't get paid but donated many hours to making the museum a place of which to be proud.

During her tenure at the museum she was responsible for many things including the following:
  • Grandma Moses marker on Church Street
  • Grandma Moses commerative plaque at gravesite
  • Grandma Moses metal plaque in window of once Thomas Drug store
  • Direction signs to the cemetery and gravesite of Grandma Moses
  • Walter A. Wood metal photo mural at the Wood Park
  • Simon Fraser historical marker placed at home in East Hoosick

    Edith Beaumont was part of the group that set up many museum displays. She raised an endowment fund and collected historic artifacts for the museum. Upon her retirement in 1999 from the museum, the Hoosick Township Historical Society named the library in honor of Edith Beaumont. The Board of Directors voted to confer the title of Director Emeritus on Mrs. Beaumont. The community wishes her the best in retirement.

    Philip Leonard
    March 2002