Hoosick Township Historical Society

Edith Craig Reynolds 1877 - 1971

Edith Craig Reynolds was born in Walworth, England on December 9, 1875. She was educated in the London Schools and at Edinburgh University.

In 1900, she married the Rev. Aeneas Craig of the Established Church of Scotland. They had two children that died at ages of 2 and 12. The Rev Craig died in 1922. In 1924, Mrs Edith Craig came to the United States to speak at a meeting of the Northern Baptist Convention. She remained in the United States and became the Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Ellenbugh Depot near Plattsburgh. In 1925, she became the Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Hoosick, New York. Mrs. Reynolds was the first fully ordained woman minister in the State of New York. She was the first woman to preside as Chaplin to the New York State Legislature.

Mrs. Craig was married to Marcus T. Reynolds in 1928. Mr. Reynolds was a successful businessman and the son of a member of Congress. Mrs. Reynolds shortly thereafter retired from the active ministry. They spent their winters in St. Petersburg, Florida where Mrs. Reynolds filled in at many churches in the area. Mr. Reynolds passed away in 1957.

Mrs. Reynolds became a benefactor for many organizations in the local area. Over 25 Hoosick organizations received financial aid from Mrs. Reynolds. The Rescue Squad, the North Hoosick Fire Department, the Little League Field, VFW, and the Health Center were just a few that were supported by Mrs. Reynolds. In 1965 she gave a large sum of money to make the Community Pool a reality. The next year she gave funds toward building the Skating Rink with the major funds coming from a New York State grant.

Upon her death on September 3, 1971 a scholarship fund was set up by her estate for four year scholarships to students from Rensselear County. Rev. Reynolds also set up the Reynolds Foundation which gives funds to local organizations yearly.

Philip Leonard
March 2002