Hoosick Township Historical Society

Journal of Isaac Bovie from 1897

A Winter on the Farm


Tuesday, November 9, 1897

This is our seventeenth Anniversary of marriage.  Seattie is still sick in bed, but a little better. I churned and did general work. Bought a hot water bag, paid $1 for it.  Frank sorted potatoes in the shed. A very rainy day.

Wednesday Nov 10

Today I drove to Johnsonville took dinner at the Agans, Mr. Burchard and Carl there.  Took John horse of them and drove him home.  Frank sorted potatoes.  I took a bushel of apples to Mrs. Agan and brought home a bushel of onions.  Took 70 cents balance in the trade.

Thursday, Nov. 11, 1897

I went to The Falls with Mamie for school.  I paid Elon Percey in full $3.20 & I paid Easton Rising & Worden in full $2.74. Frank sorted potatoes.

Friday, Nov 12

I took the girls to school, did some errands, and was very late getting home.  Churned in the evening.  Frank sorted potatoes.  W. Powers helped after noon.  They finished them.  There were thirty three bushels of R. H. Yorkers, 12 bushels sud.

Saturday, Nov 13

Mamie and I went to The Falls in the P.M.  Blad Dan shird (?) bought shoes for me and did other errands.  Paid Rob Woodard $2.20

Sunday, Nov. 14

Clear and Pleasant. Mamie and I went to Church, and S. School. Will came home with us.  Seattie comfortable but got quite tired.  Isaac Warren & Cora & Sarah came after dinner & I paid him $4.20 interest because I didn’t know when I would see him again.

Monday, November 15

Cloudy and chilly all day. Frank drew manure and did chores. Mamie went to The Falls, sold my Rye straw at $5 per ton.  Found uncle Hewitt very poorely. Brought a load of things from the house, got the W. C. Pails and $2 for them.

Tuesday, Nov 16

Rainy after noon and evening.  Frank drew in all the corn that was husked.  Rudd drawed over the mower to thrash rye.  I went to the Falls in the evening. Mamie went to the Church tea.

Wednesday, Nov. 17

Rudd threshed rye got off two loads of straw to the press.  Rob Woodward, Warren Powers and Chas Dorr worked here all day.  John Royce afternoon.  Mamie, Annie, and I went to Elva Gardner’s wedding in the evening. It was a very fine affair.

Thursday, Nov 18

Threshed rye all day. Woodward, Powers, & Charlie worked all day, John Reager in the A.M., drew off two loads of straw. 

Friday, Nov 19

Frank took Mamie to school and helped Philpot thresh. I drew the last load of straw – had six times 1020 lbs took a check for $32.55.  Went to see uncle Hewitt, found him a little better, took Rudd’s wagon home and got some turnips.  Mamie walked home from school, has a bad cold.  Seattie improving.

Saturday, Nov. 20

This is Aunt Mary Ann’s Eightieth birth day.  She is well and spry.  Heman came at noon, went back at 4 pm.  I went to The Falls in the evening.  Frank choared. I paid Alonsoe Seester $3 interest.

Sunday, Nov. 21

Snowed last night, but quite warm today. Frank went home and Mamie has a bad cold so no one went to Church or S.S.  Will Reilly came in the pm.

Monday, Nov. 22

Quite cold. Seattie comfortable.  Aunt Jane here to dinner Frank and I drew in all the corn fodder.  Mrs. Dorr did two weeks’ wash.

Tuesday, Nov 23

Cold and Snowy at times. Seattie not feeling quite so well. Frank and I drew in the shocked corn, then went in to the Falls and to the bank.

Wednesday, Nov 24

Quite cold all day. Seattie feeling better.  Annie went to school.  Frank went to mill and had Bill and John shod.  I did choars and churned.

Thursday, Nov. 25

Thanksgiving day Seattie came downstairs for the first time.  Will Keelly here to dinner we had chicken and oysters.  Frank went to Williamstown, did not get back.  I paid him three dollars in full of his eight months work.

Aunt Mary Ann here yet. All well as usual.

Friday, Nov. 26

Seattie not feeling well today, bad stomach.  I went to The Falls saw the Dr and did errands and chores.  Frank did not get back till night.  The girls both home today.

Saturday Nov. 27

Very rainy last night and this morning, wind changed and rapidly grew colder, freezing hard tonight. Seattie’s stomach still troubling her. Mamie and Frank cleaned the milk room. Frank did general work.  I went to The Falls with butter and to The Corners to see Fannie, she was not at home.  Uncle Hewitt some better.  I bought a sow of Porter Haswell for $10.

Sunday, Nov 28

Clear and cold. Mamie and I went to church and S. S. Seattie feeling pretty well.  She was down stairs to dinner.  Will came home with us.

Monday, Nov. 29

South wind in the morning and snowed before noon, thawed after.  Frank and I drew in the husked corn, there was 9 bushels of it after noon. He went down to Harts, did choars and helped churn.  I went after Annie worked and printed butter and churned.  Seattie not feeling very well.

Tuesday, Nov. 30

Quite cold all day. Seattie feeling better, came down stairs.  Frank helped thresh rye at Haynes. I did choars, took Mamie to school and went for her in the afternoon. Started to go after the sow at Porter Haswell’s, but gave it up on account of rough roads.

Wednesday, Dec. 1

South wind snowed hard a part of the forenoon, windy after noon.  Frank helped Haynes thresh til nearly noon, then went to Philpot’s auction. I went after noon, made our school tax list before going. Charlie Bovie here to dinner.  I paid Warren Powers $1.25 and Rob Woodward $1.00

Seattie quite smart but worked too much

Thursday, Dec. 2

Quite cold.  Frank and I went to The Falls with seven bushels potatoes and did choars.  I went over to Porter Haswell’s and brought home the sow.  paid Robert $10 in cash.  Mamie went to The Falls with me.  I went to prayer meeting in evening.

Friday, Dec. 3

Seattie not feeling well today.  I went over to the Corners, took two bushels potatoes to the Gardner Girls for Philpot.  Staid at Fannie’s to tea and copied the accounts to the Estate.  Frank banked the house.

Saturday, Dec. 4

Quite cold in the morning, but thawed later, and rained at night.  Frank and I went to the Falls with potatoes and Butter and had Mag shod.

Wednesday, Dec. 8

Mild and pleasant.  We all met at Fannie’s to decide about Selling the Farm.  Heman drove down and home again.

Thursday, Dec. 9

Warm and pleasant.  I went up to an auction at Myron Hewitt’s place. Frank did not go to school.

Friday Dec. 10

Warm and thawy.  I churned and did choars. 

Saturday, Dec. 11

Still warm roads very muddy.  Seattie not feeling well. The Dr. came to see her.  Nowele Hewitt here to dinner.  Brought the Deed of his interest in the estate.  I went to The Falls with butter, then in the evening for Seattie’s medicine and to see Mrs. Haynes about keeping Dan.

Sunday, December 12

Quite rainy.  Mamie and I went to church and S. S. there was election of officers.  Seattie feeling better no one came.

Monday, Dec. 13

Mild and thawy. Seattie feeling better.  Kent Gardner came early in the morning to look over the other farm, and bought it for ($3,000) three thousand dollars.  I went to The Corners with him.  I went up to Charlie’s was there to dinner.  Kent paid me $50 down and signed an agreement to take the farm and pay the remaining $2950 April 1, 1898.  We each paid A. H. Hawks 75 cts for writing the agreement. Frank and Mamie went to school. Annie staid with Seattie.  I sold the rye to Aaron Sherwood for 42 cts per bushel.

Tuesday, Dec. 14

Rained nearly all day. Seattie comfortable.  Frank and Mamie went to school.  Annie staid with Seattie. I churned and worked butter and did choars.

Wednesday, Dec. 15

Frank worked at home. Mamie did not go to school. I went to The Corners with a small load of rye.  It rained as soon as I was unloaded so I staid til it stopped.

Thursday, Dec. 16

Clear and cooler. Frank and Mamie went to school. Annie went to the Falls with me. I took down Royce’s corn and Dorr’s potatoes and bought Annie some shoes, paid $2.50 for them.  Bought a bushel of flour of John Kautz

Friday, Dec. 17

Clear and cool. Seattie distressed with her stomach nearly all day.  Mamie and Frank went to school.  I went to The Falls with seven bushels of potatoes.  Rained at night.  I put $50 in the bank for aunt Amity

Saturday, Dec. 18

Wind with snow squalls, grew cold all day.  I went to the The Corners with a load of rye, took dinner at Uncle Hewitt’s Put in some storm windows and went to The Falls in the evening. 

Sunday Dec. 19

Clear and very cold, roads very rough.  Seattie feeling real bright.  Mamie and I went to church and S. S.  Will here to dinner.  Gertie Carpenter & Maggie called after dinner.

Monday, Dec. 20

Cold in the morning, milder after, snowed at night.  Seattie feeling quite well.  I went to The Corners with the last of the rye and brought home a half tun of crab(?). Received the balance in cash $32.92, had 82 bushels.  Mamie and Frank went to school.  Mamie staid down til evening.  I had the neck yoke fixed.

Tuesday, Dec. 21

Cloudy nearly all day, rather mild, but didn’t thaw.  Seattie quite smart.  Frank went to school. I did choars, churned worked and printed butter.  Mrs. Dorr washed.  Charley helped her.  The girls both at home.

Wednesday, Dec.22

Mild all day, clear in the morn, snowed a little after noon.  Heman and Rose came with the children to sign the deed but Hawks did not come until after they had gone home.  Heman went over to The Corners.

Seattie feeling quite smart.  Frank went to school.

Friday, December 24

Very cold and windy. Frank and Annie went to school in the forenoon  Frank went home after noon. Mamie ironed.  I went to the Falls with grist and butter and cream, and had John sharpened

Saturday, Dec. 25

Christmas.  Cold in the morn but pleasant after.  Will here to dinner.  Seattie came down to dinner we had scalloped oysters.  I did choars alone.

Sunday, Dec. 26

Snowed a little before noon.  Mamie and I went to Church and S. S. Aunt Minerva and George came to dinner and staid till night.  Aunt M. A. here yet.

Sunday, Dec. 26

Mild, snowed in the A. M. Mamie and I went to Church and S. S. Will here to dinner.

Monday, Dec. 27

Quite cold.  I did choars and repaired the water-trough. took the girls to practice at the church in the evening.

Tuesday, Dec. 28

Clear and cold.  I did choars and put in the water trough and scalded the hand barrel.  Frank came at night.

Wednesday, Dec. 29

Frank and I did choars and odd jobs.  Seattie feeling quite well.

Thursday, Dec. 30

Warm and thawy, rained some.  We butchered the pork.  Warren Powers helped us.  I paid him fifty cents for his work.

Friday, Dec. 31

Clear in the morning and cold, but warmer after.  We brought the pork home.  I cut up one hog.

Saturday, Jan. 1, 1898

Cold and windy in the morn, clear and still after.  Seattie not feeling well.  I finished cutting the pork.  Jacob and Hattie Graves called after noon.

Sunday, Jan. 2

Clear and very cold, 13° below 0 this morning.  The girls and I went to Church and S. S.  Nenia here to dinner.

Monday, Jan 3

Quite cold.  I did choars and cut lard.  aunt M. A. tried it.  Frank and Annie went to school.

Tuesday, Jan. 4

Mild, snowed after noon. I went to Charlie Leonard’s funeral. Mr. and Mrs. Rudd and Fannie here to dinner and sewed for Seattie.

Wednesday, Jan. 5

Mild and cloudy. Uncle Hewitt and Ida here to dinner. Ida staid till night.  Mr. & Mrs. Berry and Mr. & Mrs. Leonard called in the P.M. Seattie quite well to do.  I paid Albert Hall for Prosper LeBarron $5.30 in full of threshing and cutting fodder to date.

Friday, Jan 21

Mild and pleasant.  I went to Frank Welch auction and bought the Brown Mare $55, stone boat $3, some chairs 45 cts, some woven wire $1, and a manure fork 55cts.  Frank and the girls went to school.

Feb. 23

Clear and pleasant.  I went to the Falls with the girls.

Tuesday, March 8

Warm and pleasant all day. Seattie feeling quite well.  Both girls at school.  Aunt Mary ann here.  Hattie Graves staid with Seattie a part of the day.  I went up to Heman’s found them all well  bought a one gallon pot of butter of him.  Fannie went with me as far as Mr. Thomas’ and staid with Aunt Amity, who was very friendly to me.

Thursday, March 10

Clear and warm. Charlie and I met at fannie’s to decide on selling the house and lot, but she backed down on giving $1800 for it, so I offered it for $1750 and she took until next Saturday to decide in.

Both girls at school. Seattie feeling quite well.

Saturday, March 12

Cloudy and rained a part of the time.  I went to The Falls with butter and other things – after noon Frank and the girls washed before noon after that he went to The Falls for feed for his horse.  I got word from Fannie that she would take the place at $1750

Sunday, March 13

Mild.  Roads very muddy indeed.  The girls and I went to S. S. & Church.  no church in the evening Mrs Berry quite sick.  Will here after noon

Monday, March 14

Clear but windy. aunt M.A. went over to J. W’s for two or three days.  I went on to The Corners to see Fannie but she had gone to Bennington. Annie went to school.  Mamie kept house  Seattie came down to tea.

Frank began on his eight months at $14 dollars per month.  He has worked 20 days by the day to date, which pays for the mare I sold his father.  I owe him three dollars on acct.

Tuesday, March 15

Mild all day, both girls went to school.  I did house work and took them to school and helped Frank build fence along the barn yard.

Wednesday, March 16

Cloudy with south wind. Mamie did not go to school.  Mrs. Dean Brown spent the day here.  Seattie not feeling very well.  Frank oiled harness.

Thursday, March 17

Cloudy in the morning, clear P.M.  Seattie feeling better than yesterday.  I went to The Corners and to J.M. Haswell’s for butter but got none.  Braught aunt M. A. home from Isaac Warren’s.  Frank drew out manure and did choars.  Annie came home from school feeling quite sick. I went to prayer meeting.

Friday, March 18

Clear and warm. Frank did choars and hung up the hoses and picked up stone.  Seattie feeling better.  I took Mamie to and from school, and churned.  Mr. Rudd called in the P. M.

Saturday, March 19

Raining in the forenoon, partly clear after.  I printed butter and went to The Falls and helped Frank with odd jobs.  I rec’d a letter from Heman and sent him two postals.

Sunday, March 20

Clear with cool wind. Seattie feeling pretty well. Mamie, Annie and I went to church and S. S. Will here to dinner.

Monday, March 21

Clear and cool.  The girls both went to school.  I churned and went to mill and took along two bushels potatoes and braught Mamie home.  Frank went to the dentist in the morning. 

Wednesday, March 23

Clear and warm. Seattie quite smart.  I went to take the girls to school and waited for Heman and Rose at the Falls til 12 o’clock.  They came just after I reached home.  I went down with them after noon to sign the Deed to Fannie.  Heman braught 6 lbs of butter for me.  I paid him $3.50 in full.

Friday, March 25

I took the girls to school, then went over to The Corners and to J. M. Haswell’s for butter.

Saturday, March 26

I went to The Falls with butter and before noon came home and went home with Rudd and traided cows with him.  I went to the village in the evening for Miss Anderson.

Sunday, March 27

Pleasant all day. Miss Anderson staid with Seattie, the girls and I went to church.  Will here to dinner and tea.  Frank went home.

Monday, March 28

Cloudy with light showers. The girls went to school.  Miss Anderson went to the Falls after noon. Frank came home at choar time.

Tuesday, March 29

Rained slowly all day. Seattie feeling quite well.  I took the girls to school and braught them home, and went up to Rudd’s and churned.

Friday, April 8

Clear and pleasant. I took the girls to school and went over to the Corners from there, and delivered the Deed of Uncle Israel’s farm to A. H. Sherwood and took from him the papers for the remaining $2950

Saturday, April 9

Clear and warm all day. I went to The Falls in the A. M. with butter and cream.  Heman came here to dinner with Sarah.  We went to The Falls P.M. and made a final settlement.  Heman drew $1146.55 and I drew $1225 and Charlie drew $1789.

Saturday, April 30

Clear and rather warm. Frank draged before noon and went home after noon on his wheat.  Mamie ironed.  Annie did chores.  Seattie not feeling well today, but has been quite well all the week.

Uncle hewitt and Ida here to dinner.  I went to The Falls with butter in the P.M.

Sunday, May 1

Clear and pleasant. Annie & I went to Church and S.S. John Quackenbush & wife called after dinner.  Will here to dinner.  Jennie Bovie and her mother walked up after dinner.  I took them home in the evening.

Monday, May 2

Cloudy all day. Seattie feeling better but not very well.  Frank, the girls and I went down to The Falls at 5:30 A.M. to see the 32d company start off to Hemsted S.C. After that the girls went to school. Frank draged till noon, then Jacob Graves came with the drill, so I drilled mats after noon.  Frank went to the Falls this evening.

Tuesday, May 3

Rainy.  The girls went to school

Wednesday May 4, 2001 Wet all day, did no plowing or draging.

Thursday, May 5

Clear before noon. Frank took the girls to school and went for them P.M. and drove the sow over to Mr. Powers.  I churned A.M. drilled a little after noon was caught in the rain and wet through.

Friday, May 6

Clear all day.  I took the girls to school, did choars and drilled some after noon.  F did odd jobs and draged P.M. Fannie here to dinner.  Seattie feeling quite smart.

Saturday, May 7

Clear and Pleasant. Seattie feeling well.  Cora and Sarah here to dinner.  I finished drilling on the hill and went to The Falls with butter and cream.  Frank draged and plowed with his horse and Will’s and went for the sow.  I turned the cows out for the first.

Saturday May 21

Warm and pleasant. Heman here to dinner. Sarah was with him  I settled with him in full for $225.00  I went to The Falls with butter and cream.  Frank plowed down in the hollow.  Seattie feeling quite well.  The Dr. call P.M.  The girls at home Mamie washed. Frank went home P.M.

Sunday, May 22

Pleasant A.M., shower P.M. The girls went to church and S.S  Will came home with them  I staid with Seattie and had to churn.

Monday May 23, 1898

Cloudy in the morning, rained before noon.  The girls walked to school.  Frank plowed in the morning.  Uncle Hewitt and aunt Jane called in the morning.  I went for Mamie at noon and braught Mrs. Wear home with me.

Tuesday May 24

Cloudy nearly all day, rained a little.  I took the girls to school patched the seeling in the hall, churned and did choars. Seattie not feeling well, Mrs. May here.  Frank plowed sod below the barn. Geo Brown paid me his last year’s pasture, $6.25

Saturday, May 28

Clear nearly all day. Annie went to the Falls with Frank to take the butter and cream.

Seattie feeling better. I went to Berlin with aunt Mary Ann, got there about five o’clock.  found them all quite well.  Mrs Wears cleaned house.

Sunday, May 29

Cloudy all day.  I came home from Berlin, left aunt Mary Ann there.