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Historic Society Info Description
Upcoming Events Click on the event name for more information: Natty Bumppo Day in Hoosick Falls
Annual Report 2018Our report of activity and finances for 2018
Annual Report 2017Our report of activity and finances for 2017
Gift Shop Items for SaleLooking for that unique gift this year... The Louis Miller Museum has them for you! A sampling of our ornaments and gifts all with Hoosick or Hoosick Falls engraved on them.. Get them quick, or order for those out of town!
MembershipAn invitation and information on becoming a Historic Society member.
Museum Info The Louis Miller Museum is located at 166 Main Street in Hoosick Falls, New York.
Trivia Questions Trivia questions on historical topics contained within this website, how is your Hoosick History?
Map of Hoosick A great map of the Town of Hoosick, current as of 12/2007 from the Rensselaer County website.
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Our Videos Description - this section contains video files
Miller Museum The Miller Museum: Holding our Past, Informing our Future. By John Carlson. The Hoosick Township Historical Society holds records and artifacts telling the story about Hoosick Falls, NY, which once was one of the most prosperous small towns in America. 166 Main Street, Hoosick Falls NY
Veteran Interviews Mr. Phil Leonard conducted over 50 video interviews of local veterans from 1997 to 2000 and provided a VHS copy to the NYS Military Museum where they were converted to digital format and uploaded to YouTube. We have assembled a page that has links to our local veterans videos.

Hoosick Tales and Info Description
Banking History The Peoples-First National Bank of Hoosick..
Cheney Library Who was Charles Cheney..
Civil War The Civil War and the Hoosick effort..
Currency National currency and Hoosick Falls banks..
End of the Line End of the trolly line..
Flood of 1869 Death during the Great Flood of 1869..
Hathaway's Drive-in Upstate NY theater still going strong..
Hymns Local woman writes famous hymns..
Lovejoy Chaplet Manufacturing in Hoosick since 1925..
Movie History The first movies in Hoosick Falls were shown in the Armory circa 1903..
Noble & Wood From potato digger to paper machinery to copper foil..
Phoenix hotel The Phoenix hotel fire..
Saint Mary's The early history of Saint Mary's..
Seeing Eye Dogs's Seeing Eye Dogs's - Dorothy Leib Harrison Wood Eustis..
Wood Flong The Wood Flong Corporation - newspaper mats..
Yearbooks HFCS, SMA, Hoosac We have digitized many yearbooks into pdf files for Hoosick Falls from 1950 to 2018 and for Saint Mary's from 1950 to 1986 and for Hoosac School from 1955 to 2017.

War Stories Description
Veterans Memorial The Town of Hoosick has completed gathering names and raising funds for a Veterans Memorial plaque in Wood Park.
Bill & Doug Ogilvie The brothers received orders to choose a dog and were sent immediately to "Camp Shangri-la", the new retreat for President Roosevelt.†This area is now called Camp David named after President Eisenhowerís grandson in 1953.
Chris Goodermote After 4 days in the hospital, he was back with the men of his unit. He took part on the assault of Hill 937 known as Hamburger Hill. This hard fought battle was well publicized in the United States newspapers.
7 Soldiers Plaque In May 1967, a letter and check arrived from Vietnam. Carl Kempf, Jr. with five other soldiers chipped in $10 each for the pool fund.
Frank Cipperly In March of 1941, his brother was drafted and in the army when WW II started. Frank was drafted in April, 1942. The local draft board took two of the boys and left four at home to help farm.
Jack Carelli 3,000 Japanese charged in the largest suicide rush of WWII. They overran the local group and Bernard Zilinskas, James McGarvin and Herman Barnhart of Petersburg were killed. Albert Butkas, William Fox, John Carelli and Ronald Johnson were wounded. Peter Davendonis, Walter Sluzas, Robert Fitzpatrick, Edward Brodeski and Fran Downing were also part of the battle.
John Behan He also was attached to the Army K-9 Corp training war dogs. Over a three year period, he compiled the material for an illustrated book, called "Dogs of War" (Scribners).
War Memoir - WWII I recall canvassing the classrooms at SMA to sell War Bond Stamps at twenty-five cents each. The stamps were placed in a booklet and, when filled, amounted to $18.75 that would buy a War Bond worth $25 at maturity. Each week we collected quarters and made our purchase at the post office.

Pictures Description
Bridges Pictures of old Bridges over the Hoosick, Walloomsac and Owlkill rivers in the Hoosick area
Farms Farms old and new in the hills of Hoosick
Historic Markers Road side markers and monuments in the Hoosick area
Hoosick Falls Old Postcard pictures of streets in Hoosick Falls
Hotels Wood frame Hotels in Hoosick Falls, North Hoosick and Eagle Bridge
Parades Parades in Hoosick Falls - 1888, 1989, 1910, 1912
Railroads Trolly and Steam engines in Hoosick Falls, Petersburg and Eagle Bridge
Schools - part 1 Old schools - Cobble Hill, White Creek, North Hoosick, East Hoosick, Mapletown, Breese Hollow, North Petersburg, Fox Hollow, Potter Hill
Schools - part 2Old schools - Groveside, West Hoosick, Buskirk, Eagle Bridge, Hoosick Falls, Clay Hill
Wood Plant Walter A. Wood plant from the 1800's

Short Stories Description
Battle of Bennington This is the second edition of an historical newsletter put out jointly by the Town of Hoosick and the Hoosick Township Historical Society.This issue is dedicated to essays on the Battle of Bennington,focusing on the participation of people from eastern New York.
Battlefield Visitor Center Map showing the location and entrance to the Bennington Battlefield.
Brimmer MassacreAs Jeremiah mounted his horse, he was struck by a fatal bullet. Godfrey and Jonathan immediately seized their guns and ran to a brush fence. The Indians found them and after a very short battle, the two sons were captured.
Buskirk The first lasting bridge (uncovered) was built in 1804 by Martin Van Buskirk. The bridge, known as the Buskirk Bridge, gave the community its lasting name.
Button Factory As an industrial plant the Button Factory passed through a varied and curious career. Insofar as The Standard Press was able to learn, it was constructed by the late John B. Tibbits between 1875 and 1880.
Driving Park and Fair The Hoosick Driving Park and Fair Association existed in the late eighteen and early nineteen-hundreds.
Eagle Bridge Church A church erected by a railway postal clerk from contributions solicited from clerks and railroad men is the unique edifice of worship which stands in the village of Eagle Bridge, New York.
Eagle Bridge Named In the year 1827 two carpenters named Comstock and Sherwood from Johnsonville, took the contract to build the covered bridge across the Hoosick.
History Of Hoosick The title to the soil of the town of Hoosick comes from three original patents - the Hoosick, the Walloomsac and the Schneider.
Hoosac Tunnel - Tour The Hoosac Tunnel was built 1852-1873 at a cost of $21,000,000. Nearly 200 lives were lost to this project over the 21 years of construction. The Tunnel is 5 miles long and cuts through the mountains known as the Hoosac Range east of the Berkshires in Massachusettes.
Hoosick Timeline 1900 Town Of Hoosick 1900 -- 2000
Journal of Issac Bovie Journal of Isaac Bovie from 1897
Mapletown Inn - Underground Railroad The Mapletown Inn on Rt. 7 in the Hamlet of Mapletown played an important role as a 'stop' on the Underground Railroad during the middle of the 19th Century.
Nathaniel Shipman - Natty Bumppo? This is the story in substance of the original of Cooper's "Natty Bumppo" as it was written by the Hon. L. Chandler Ball of Hoosick Falls, N. Y.∑ some sixty years ago. Nothing is known of Nathaniel Shipman's family, except that his daughter....
No. Hoosick Drive-In The Drive In Theater was first built by a partnership between Chase & Mary Hathaway and Dean & Dorothy LeBarron Hathaway. Dean drew the plans in 1946, ground was broken in 1947, and it opened on June 1,1948.
North Hoosick In the 1700s a wooden bridge crossed the White Creek, then known by its Indian name San Coick.
NY Guard and Armory On March 26, 1865 (two weeks before the Civil War ended) the 32nd Separate Company of the National Guard of New York was formed. The Hoosick Falls Armory was built in 1888.
Pfister & Macomb of HoosickNot surprisingly, most British officials remained loyal to the Crown. Wealthy merchants and Anglican ministers, especially in Puritan New England tended to support the Crown also, along with French and Indian War veterans. One of those veterans was Francis Pfister of Hoosick
Railroad Tracks Therefore the United States standard railroad gauge of 4 feet, 8.5 inches is derived from the original specifications for the Imperial Roman war chariot.
Skirmish at San Coick The Skirmish at San Coick now known as North Hoosick. (the first skirmish in the War over Walloomsac August 14, 1777)
Store at Hoosick Corner We received an old picture from Isabelle Marshall. It was the building next to the present Seifertís Auction House in Hoosick....
Walloomsac Mills While The Battle of Bennington was fought on a farm owned by John Green, the post-war history starts with Thomas Sickles, who owned a farm nearby and also owned the facilities for water power at the Walloomsac River.
Wood Farm Uncovering the mystery of the Wood Farm becomes more puzzling as the years go by and few are here who remember its former glory. For me it was a magical place indeed and I doubt there was another farm in the state quite like it.
Wood Plant By 1852 Walter Abbott Wood had a partnership with his brother-in-law James Russell Parsons. Wood was the working partner in a foundry where they made cast iron plows and repaired broken farm machinery. Wood was looking for some piece of farm equipment to manufacture.

Biographies Description
Ball, Chandler L. Chandler Ball was a leading influence in the growth of Hoosick Falls during the mid-eighteen hundreds.
Beaumont, Edith In 1975 when the Hoosick Township Historical Society was formed, she became involved, did the publicity and was elected Secretary. She held this office for three years until she was elected President and held that office for many years.
Carey, William William F. Carey rose from being a poor boy in Hoosick Falls to become a millionaire and industrial leader in the United States and throughout the world.
Cheney, Charles A.Charles A. Cheney, benefactor of the Cheney Library and one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of early Hoosick Falls, was born on June 13, 1835 in Jamaica, Vermont
Dodge, Cleveland E. JrCleveland E. Dodge Jr. was born in New York City on March 7, 1922. He attended the Hotchkiss School and graduated from Princeton University in 1943 with a B.S.E. degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Dorr, Joseph Joseph Dorr was born in Lynne, Connecticut on July 15, 1760. At age 18 he came to the Hoosick area and found employment in the mill of Stephen Kellogg, situated on the White Creek river.
Greene, George E. Attorney George E. Greene was the "dean of the legal profession in Rensselaer County" and a leader in many community and commercial activities in Hoosick Falls and the surrounding area for over sixty years.
Hawthorn, Harris S. Information gathered states Harris S. Hawthorn (or Hawthorne) was awarded the Civil War Medal of Honor on December 29, 1894.
Hoctor, HarrietHarriet Hoctor, famous ballet dancer, was born in Hoosick Falls, New York on September 25, 1905.
Kennedy, WillWill J. Kennedy was born in Hoosick Falls on December 6, 1872. His parents were John and Mary Meany Kennedy. He was educated in the public schools of the village.
Matthews, Capt David It is presumed that Captain David Mathews, a militia man who fought in the Revolution was the original proprietor, though no solid proof is available.
Millers, The Five The store was sold to Rensselaer County and became the Senior Citizen Center and the center for local county offices. In the fall of 1981, the family donated their home at 166 Main Street to the Hoosick Township Historical Society.
Montgomery, Warren Warren Montgomery, first of three major magnates of the hotel industry of New York City to not only have the unusual distinctions of having their origins in a small village such as Hoosick Falls but also to maintain very active lifetime connections with the village.
Moses, Grandma It was this pivotal suggestion that spurred Grandma Moses' painting career in her late 70s. She first gained broader recognition when an amateur art collector saw her works in a Hoosick Falls, NY, drugstore window. He not only purchased all of the works on display but, in 1939, convinced the Museum of Modern Art to include Moses in a members-only show of contemporary folk painting.
Parsons, Seth Mr. Seth Parsons moved to Hoosick Falls in 1807 from East Hampton, Long Island. For the next thirty-six years he was the leader in every movement for the betterment of the village and its people.
Reynolds, Edith Craig In 1925, she became the Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Hoosick, New York. Mrs. Reynolds was the first fully ordained woman minister in the State of New York. Upon her death on September 3, 1971 a scholarship fund was set up by her estate for four year scholarships to students from Rensselear County. Rev. Reynolds also set up the Reynolds Foundation which gives funds to local organizations yearly.
Reynolds, Edith Craig By essay contest winner - Nick Montfort - Hoosick Falls Central School
Reynolds, Edith Craig By essay contest winner - Lyle Somers - St. Mary's Academy
Rowley, Homer S. Dr.He came to Hoosick Falls on July 1, 1904 and remained here until his death in 1975. He was the longest practicing dentist in Hoosick Falls.
Runkel, DelmerUnder Mr. Runkel the bank entered a new era of progress. With widespread acquaintances, Mr. Runkel attracted to the bank much new business.
Skinner, SA Dr. In 1864 Dr. Skinner moved with his family including two daughters, Mabel and Katherine, to Hoosick Falls where they remained for the remainder of their lives.
Smith, George E. Dr. Upon discharge he took his internship at Troy Hospital and then came to Hoosick Falls. He opened a medical office and for nearly 25 years served the community in many ways.
Stevens, Frank Frank L. Stevens was born on October 28, 1864. He was the son of Marcia and Samuel S. Stevens, one of the founders of the Stevens and Thompson Paper Companies of Walloomsac, North Hoosick and Greenwich.
Surdam, I. Burke He started his banking career as clerk in 1901, even before he graduated from Hoosick Falls High School in 1903.
Thomas, William William David Thomas was born on March 22, 1880. Mr. Thomas went to Union College and the Albany School of Pharmacy. He graduated in 1904 and accepted a job in Hoosick Falls as a pharmacist working for George A. Ross.
Van Surdam, Harry Harry Van Surdam was born on September 28, 1881. On September 28, 1981, the community honored Harry Van Surdam with a parade and concert in the Woodís Park.
Weir, Harry Harry Weir was born in Cambridge, New York in 1886. He lived most of his life in North Hoosick. Mr. Weir was an active civic and business leader, and was long associated with the Noble and Wood Machine Company. Upon his death in 1963, he left many bequests to local organizations and individuals.
Wood, Walter A. Walter A. Wood was born in Mason, New Hampshire on October 23, 1815 and came to Hoosick Falls in 1836. In 1853 he obtained a patent for the mower that has ever since born his name. From 1853 to 1879 the number of machines manufactured aggregated to 302,092. This record is unequaled in the history of mowing-machines.
Wood III, Walter A. Walter Abbott Wood III was born in Hoosick Falls, New York on December 23, 1907. He was the son of Walter A. Wood, Jr. and Dorothy Wood Eustis, the founder of the "Seeing Eye" dog program.

Newsletters Description
Current YearThere are 10 full newsletters per year sent by mail and email to current members - The newsletters available here are a sample from past years and some are a shortened version. Support our Historic Society and join or renew today.
2017 - October With the devastating damage that took place in our country this month, I started to think about the last time the power was off in Hoosick Falls for more than 2 days. Yes, it happened on October 4, 1987.
2017 - March The Livery Stable Horse Thief - In the 1904-05 Business Directory five livery stables are listed in the Town of Hoosick. Hiring of new Executive Director Joyce Brewer
2016 - June Bennington, August 26, 1777 - Honored Father: After my duty, I take this opportunity to write you, hoping these lines will find you well, as through the goodness of God, they leave me and my family. We met with a great deal of trouble on the 16th inst. Myself and brother John were preserved through a very hot battle.
2016 - May The Presidentís New Shoes - In 1989 President George Bush decided to install horseshoe pits in his new back yard at the White House. This interested Morrie Wheeler a member of the Bennington Horseshoe Club
2015 - November John Mason had a foundry on the river bank along Mechanic Street. Mason was blinded in a casting accident in 1849. Walter A. Wood purchased the foundry. In 1852 Wood purchased a license to manufacture the Manny mower-reaper.
2015 - August The Old Country Store - During the early 20th century, every rural town had a general store where you could buy most everything you needed. An increase of mobility with the popularity of the auto caused the general store to disappear in very rural areas. In the Town of Hoosick every hamlet had its own store.
2014 - November The Brown Brewery Company of North Hoosick, which opened on October 15, 2014, is located in a old factory that started around 1820. This article is the history of what came before Garry and Kelly Brown moved to West Hoosick and brought new hope to the Town of Hoosick by opening up the new brewery.
2013 - January Susan M. Elliott, a 1970 graduate of The Hoosick Falls Central School is now Ambassador to Tajikistan.
2013 - May The various means of travel in Hoosick Falls around 1900.
2013 - October Old Manís Club of the Town of Hoosick was formed around 1913. It had two groups: those in the seventies and a group in the eighties.
2013 - November Albany Felt Company was an important part of the industrial base of Hoosick Falls for 35 years.
2006 - November There were two bakeries in the village in the 1920s. Witbeck specialized in pastries, and Arthur Reed's bakery supplied all of the bread, and delivered pies, cakes and cookies.
2006 - September There is no doubt in a reasonable time the Pruyn potato digger will be as well and favorably known over the world as the harvest machine manufactured in Hoosick Falls.
2006 - August 1927 - The Year of the Markers: Anticipating the dedication of the Bennington Battlefield State Historic Site in Walloomsac, NY on August 16, 1927, area organizations and governments placed monuments on historic sites from Cambridge to Bennington.
2006 - June The mansion would have been a wonderful community historic site, but in 1968 money for this type of project was hard to find.
2006 - May After patriotic speeches from General J. J. Viele and others, more than forty young men signed the enlistment papers that evening.
2006 - April Village President, A.T. Skinner telegraphed Troy for aid, and the Washington Volunteer Steamer Company was dispatched by special train. After a small accident in the railroad yard, the train arrived at 11:55 A.M. accompanied by reporters.
2006 - March The Amazing Charles Q. Eldredge: As secretary of the Hoosick Falls Board of Trade, Mr. Eldredge did valuable work toward the development of the community......He offered to meet half way anybody in any honorable project that promised to work to the advantage of Hoosick Falls.
2006 - February The 225-ton statue was conceived by French sculptor Frederic Bartholdi in 1874 and given to the United States on October 28, 1886.
2005 - November A lookout station was manned by defense wardens at the Johnson Hill schoolhouse. World War II was about survival and people on the home front were glad to participate in rationing of gas, sugar, and many other items.
2004 - February There is a calm for those who weep, A rest for weary pilgrims found, They softly lie and sweetly Sleepí Low in the ground.
2004 - May Under the auspices of the association, the fine monument standing near the intersection of Classic and High streets, was erected with becoming ceremonies, May 30, 1878, at the cost of $1,500.
2003 - December 1917 - Forces favoring Prohibition Making Most Strenuous Effort to Put Hoosick in "Dry" Column. The "Wets" Also are Working.
2003 - October Since the publication of our first directory, in 1882, we call to mind the following improvements in the village with in the past ten years....
2003 - September Who Took the Falls out of Hoosick Falls?
2003 - August Warren-Ehmler Estate: This mansion was built in 1878 by Hobart Warren, a member of the Warren family that manufactured stoves in Troy.
2003 - JuneOld Stone School House: You pass it on Route 7 in front of the Stewart's Shops.
2003 - MayWorld War II: On October 23, 1940, 27 men of the Headquarters Detachment,105th Infantry, left Hoosick Falls, as they were called up for Federal service.
2003 - MarchWomen received the right to vote: This article was published in the local Hoosick Falls newspaper on March 11, 1918.
2003 - FebruaryVeteran Update: Within one day of the mailing of the newsletter, we had three calls identifying our unknown veteran.
2003 - JanuaryCivil War - Medal of Honor: Private Harris S. Hawthorn received the Medal of Honor for capturing Gen. Custis Lee on April 6, 1865 at the Battle of Sailor's Creek, Va.
2002 - NovemberNew Book: Our new book is about Walter A. Wood and his company that made Hoosick Falls the most "prosperous village in the American Continent".
2002 - July Village 175th Celebration: The museum is getting ready to do our part in the celebration. This year is also the 150th Anniversary of the opening of the Wood Factory.
2002 - June E-Mail Letter: We receive 15 to 20 e-mails every month. The following was received on March 17, 2002. I want to let you know I came upon the Hoosick History Website quite by accident but I enjoyed reading everything on it.
2002 - AprilTV Channel 16: The interviews that were taped at the Louis Miller Museum have been shown at 7 P.M. on Channel 16 for the last three months. The shows included 49 Veterans of three Wars and 10 local people and will end on March 27.
2001 - November The Historical Societyís Web Site: A visitor counter has been added to the Societyís web site, and there have been 110 visitors in the last two weeks!
2001 - OctoberTroy and the Civil War: A large number attended the September meeting and enjoyed a very interesting talk on Troy and the Civil War.
2001 - June The Louis Miller Museum is planning to mount an exhibit on the history of the Schools in Hoosick. We are now gathering materials for the exhibit. We are particularly interested in pictures of the old District Schools and the teachers who taught in them.
2001 - May All of the fourth graders from the Hoosick Falls Central School visited the museum on April 23 and 24. They are doing a project called ABC History, in which they identify topics in Hoosick history beginning with each of the letters of the alphabet, and then they research each one, and put together a book with an historical essay for each letter of the alphabet.
2000 - November The Historical Society is working together with the Hoosick Area Chamber of Commerce to organize a downtown Christmas celebration.
2000 - April The Hoosick Township Historical Society has launched a web site. It is at www.hoosickhistory.com. On the site already are a number of biographies of prominent people in Hoosick Falls history, and several other historical articles, as well as information about the Society and the Louis Miller Museum.

Backyard History Description
Biographies 2001 Project Discover for 2001, 4th graders from Hoosick Falls Elementary School were asked to interview an older relative or research the life of an older relative. They then took the information gathered and wrote a biography on that person.
Biographies 2000 Project Discover for 2000.
History 2000 Part1 Project Discover 2000 (Part1), 3rd and 4th Graders At Hoosick Falls Elementary School. The information was gathered during our Architecture and Backyard History Units.
History 2000 Part2 Project Discover 2000 (Part2).

Links of Interest Description
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