Historical Society Information
The following information is based upon the Constitution of The Hoosick Township Historical Society.

Name is Hoosick Township Historical Society, Incorporated. (not-for-profit)

Purpose is to promote a deeper understanding of our heritage and of the historical events which took place within the Town of Hoosick.

Membership is open to anyone age 14 years or older through a membership application and yearly dues. Honorary Membership is bestowed upon any member 80 years or older and others at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Meetings are held at the Louis Miller Museum at 7PM on the first Tuesday of a month excluding January, February, July and August. Executive Board meetings are held at 6PM on the same day as the Membership meeting. The Membership meeting quorum shall be 10% of the total Historical Society Membership to conduct legal business with a simple majority required for decisions.

Officers of the Society are President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Historian with each serving a 1 year term. A nominating committee provides a slate of officers and trustees recommended for election which is held by a floor vote at the first meeting in March. Vacancies may be filled by special elections announced at the meeting prior to the election meeting.

Trustees for the Historical Society shall be not less than 6 nor more than 12 with three year terms staggered such that one-third of the Trustees are elected each year. Vacancies may be filled by special elections announced at the meeting prior to the election meeting.

Museum Director is appointed or employed by the Executive Board and shall have the responsibility for the daily operation of the Louis Miller Museum. The Executive Board shall write the job description for the Museum Director. The Director shall develop required committees and staffing to operate the Museum and shall maintain a procedure book containing committee and staffing requirements and operating procedures for the Museum Staff approved by the Executive Board and implemented by the Director.

Executive Board consists of Officers, Trustees and the Museum Director with the responsibilty to schedule meetings, adopt an annual budget, approve dues and fees, approve any expenditure (exceeding a set amount) not in the annual budget and to appoint a Museum Director. A quorum of seven Executive Board members shall be necessary to conduct business with a simple majority required for decisions.

Committees may be created as needed. Unless specified otherwise, committee membership shall include 2 Trustees and at least 2 members of the Society who are not members of the Executive Board. The five standing committees established by the Society Constitution are as follows:
Note: The President of the Society is an ex-officio member of all committees.
1. Program Committee (arrange speakers and other items of interest for the Membership meetings, chairperson is 1st Vice President).
2. Membership Committee (seek interested people to join the society and maintain a rooster of active members, chairperson is 2nd Vice President).
3. Maintenance Committee (responsible for oversight of the repair and maintenance of the building and grounds of the society. Museum Director is ex-officio member).
4. Nominating Committee (provide a list of Officers and Trustees for election, a chairperson is appointed by the President - other members are one officer, one trustee and at least two society members who are not members of the Executive Board).
5. Finance Committee (oversee the financial affairs of the society, submit an annual budget to the Executive Board, review the investments and audit the records of the Treasurer annually. Treasure is ex-officio member).

Duties of Officers
President - preside at all Membership and Executive Board meetings, to appoint committees and chairpersons unless specified in the constitution, to appoint members of the Executive Board to perform duties of other officers in the absence of those officers, and serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.
1st Vice President - assume duties of President whenever President is absent. Chairperson of Program Committee.
2nd Vice President - assume duties of 1st Vice President whenever 1st Vice President is absent. Chairperson of Membership Committee.
Recording Secretary - keep a record of all meetings, publicise society activities and events. In absence of Recording Secretary, the President shall appoint a member present to assume the duties of the Recording Secretary for that meeting.
Corresponding Secretary - take care of the society correspondence, to notify Members and Executive Board of meetings.
Treasurer - collect dues and fees, pay out monies as directed by the Executive Board, withdraw monies from accounts as approved by the Executive Board, make and record changes to accounts, make required financial reports, serve as ex-officio member of the Finance Committee.
Historian - keep a permanent record of the history and important events of the Historical Society.

Ammendments to the Constitution may be made at any regular membership meetings, provided notice has been given at a preceeding meeting of the ammendment proposed. An ammendment shall be adopted by two-thirds vote of the members present.

Current Officers and Trustees
Museum Director - Charles Filkins
President - Diane Davendonis
1st Vice - Diana Cottrell
2nd Vice - vacant
Recording Secretary - Susan Hoffman
Corresponding Secretary - vacant
Treasurer - Philip Leonard
Historian - Robert & Sharon Niles
Trustees - Gilbert Wright, Deborah Alter, Raymond LaFlamme, Corinne Eldred, Gary Kjelgaard, Alex Brooks, Robert Niles, Sharon Niles

Current Committee Members
Program Committee
Membership Committee
Maintenance Committee
Nominating Committee
Finance Committee
Building Improvement Committee
Web Site Committee

General requests for information can be sent to Staff@HoosickHistory.com