Hoosick Township Historical Society

Newsletter - April 2002

Editor: Phil Leonard
Museum Curator: Charles Filkins
Louis Miller Museum (518) 686-4682

New Museum Director
At the March Board of Directors meeting, Charles Filkins was appointed Museum Director. He began work on March 11. The museum will be open again on Monday and Tuesday from 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. Charles comes to us with experience as President of the Hoosick Township Historical Society and has an extensive knowledge of the history of this area. Charles was instrumental in the cemetery project as well as the Standard Press being put on microfiche. He will work 10 hours a week. We are looking forward to worthwhile improvements in the physical museum as well as the library. During his time with the Society he edited several books. Charles has studied the Walter A. Wood era and will be very helpful in the museum celebration of the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Wood Factory in Hoosick Falls. This will coincide with the 175th Anniversary of the village to be held on August 7 - 10. Plans are being formulated to have our newly acquired reaper on display as well as other machines we now have. Several people have contacted us about helping with the displays. If you are interested call the museum and talk to Charles Filkins or Phil Leonard.

April Meeting
We have a great program planned for Tuesday, April 2 at 7 P.M. The fire companies of the Town of Hoosick will present the history of their own departments. The meeting will be held in the community room of the new Hoosick Falls Fire Department on Barton Avenue. This is an opportunity to see the new building as well as hear about the men and woman who volunteer to protect us. Letís show them we care and have a large turnout. Please place this on your calendar.

Approximately 70% have renewed their membership. Also, we are receiving applications from new members. It is imperative that we have the support of the community as we work to better the Society and the Louis Miller Museum. If you have not sent in your renewal or wish to join, please do so as soon as possible. (Individual $10, Family $15, Business $25 and Supporter $50.)

TV Channel 16
The interviews that were taped at the Louis Miller Museum have been shown at 7 P.M. on Channel 16 for the last three months. The shows included 49 Veterans of three Wars and 10 local people and will end on March 27. We hope to produce some new programing for 2003.

School Photos
We have a large photo collection. At present, we are looking for pictures of the following schools in Hoosick: Tate, Johnson Hill, Buskirk and Southwest Hoosick If you have a photo, we would like to borrow it so we may scan it into our computer and return it to you. Please call the Museum Director, and he will make the arrangements.

Famous people from Hoosick
  • John Alden born Hoosick Falls 1860 Poet and editorial writer of New York
  • Caroline Bailey born in HF 1877 Children author and Editor Delineator
  • William Carey born in HF 1878 Railway builder, President of Madison Square Garden, Head of Sanitation Department New York City
  • Royal Finch born Eagle Bridge 1884 Civil Engineer for New York State
  • William Hayes born in HF 1829 Civil War Colonel and member of Congress from Ohio.
  • James McKean born in Hoosick 1821 Congressman and Chief Justice of Utah appointed by Lincoln
  • Andrew Parsons born in Hoosick 1817- Governor of Michigan 1853
  • James Parsons born in HF 1861 Executive of NY State Education Department

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