Hoosick Township Historical Society

Newsletter - July 2002

Editor: Phil Leonard
Louis Miller Museum (518) 686-4682

Village 175th Celebration
The museum is getting ready to do our part in the celebration. This year is also the 150th Anniversary of the opening of the Wood Factory. Our new Walter A. Wood Room has been repaired and painted. Charles Filkins has been organizing our Wood material and is setting up the room display. Much of our Wood collection, which has been in storage, will now be able to be seen in a permanent display. The museum will be open on Friday, August 9 from Noon to 4:00 P.M. and Saturday, August 10 from 10:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. Our collection of actual Wood machinery will be displayed on our lawn. We need help from our membership. If you can volunteer for a few hours on either of these days please call the museum.

Hall of Fame Room
This room has been moved upstairs and is almost finished. Photos and memorabilia are on display of the individuals that were local and became famous inside and outside of Hoosick Falls. The room contains a new area about Clinton L. Bateholts, pioneer in the field of plastics and founder of the Specialty Insulation Company and the Colasta Company. Also on display is a collection of Timbretone speakers manufactured at Specialty. The entertainers' section contains Ray and Bob Eberle, Will Kennedy, Harriet Hoctor, the Van Surdams and several others

Picture sent to New York City
A new book is being published about Grandma Moses. We were contacted by E-Mail and have furnished a picture of old Eagle Bridge. It was returned recently and we have been promised a copy of the book when it is published.

Museum Yard Work
Thank you Margaret Frasier and Nancy Kovage for the flowers planted. Thank you Art Hyde for cutting the bushes.

Second Grade Students Visit
On June 11th, six sections of the second grade from the Hoosick Falls Central School visited the museum as part of their "Community Walk". As they arrived, Charles Filkins explained how a Walter Wood mower worked. The mower was built at the local Wood Factory during the late 1890s. Each class spent 30 minutes at the museum. A 5 minute tape of Grandma Moses being interviewed by Edward R Morrow in the first colored transmission in the United States from Eagle bridge was shown. The students were attentive.

Genealogy Telephone Call
Phil Leonard received a telephone call from a Native American concerning a letter he found that said his grandparents spent a month every year in Hoosick Falls during the 1930s. Phil had two pictures of the Onondaga Indians that were at the Ehmler Estate in the early 30s. Two computer pictures went out the same day to a very happy person.

Thank You
The Walter A. Wood High School Alumni, at their recent banquet, donated $1,200 to be used in the new Walter A. Wood Room. We thank them for their support in our newest endeavor. A thanks also goes out to the Masonic Lodge that recently donated $200.

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