Hoosick Township Historical Society

Newsletter - June 2002

Editor: Phil Leonard
Louis Miller Museum (518) 686-4682

New Display
First Families of Hoosick Falls is the name given to a new display by Charles Filkins. There were three prominent families that were instrumental in the advancement of the Village of Hoosick Falls. The families were Seth Parsons, Levi Chandler Ball and Walter A. Wood. Mr. Filkins has pictures with lists of accomplishment below each and the genealogy of these families. This display is part of the museum's participation in the 175th Anniversary of the incorporation of Hoosick Falls. See the relationships within the three families and what they did for the Village. This display will become part of the Hall of Fame Room.

E-Mail Letter
We receive 15 to 20 e-mails every month. The following was received on March 17, 2002.
I want to let you know I came upon the Hoosick History Website quite by accident but I enjoyed reading everything on it. I lived in Hoosick Falls from 1947-1956 and have many wonderful memories of being there. My father was a physician, Harold G. Stacy, MD and we lived at 30 Abbott Street. He had his office in our home. I was in the 8th grade when we left Hoosick Falls and have lost contact with anyone from there. I hope to take a trip "up North" this summer and come to Hoosick Falls and see what I remember I now live in Texas. Again, I did enjoy the website and will return frequently to see what is there. Maybe someday I will recognize a name or two.
Jean Stacy Gore - Abilene, Texas

If anyone would like to say hello to Jean call the museum and we will give you her web address.

May Meeting
About 25 people attended the meeting to hear Richard Babcock speak about slavery in the North. Slavery was widespread throughout America before the Revolutionary War. Slavery continued until 1827 in New York State. The talk was well received and very informative. The June 4th meeting at 7 P.M. will be a business meeting for the membership to help decide future plans of the Society.

Membership Plus
We received over 15 new memberships this month and we are now ahead of last year. We have raised over $500 additional funds to operate the museum. Only 12 old members did not rejoin as of this writing. Thank you for your support.

We received a letter from James Conry with his mothers two articles enclosed. This was in response to our story last month about Elizabeth Powell Conry. The three page letter was very interesting and informative.

The Louis Miller Museum is open every Monday and Tuesday from 1 P.M. until 4 P.M. Charles Filkins is on hand and more then happy to help you.

We have published copies of the time line 1900 - 1999 compiled by Gilbert E. Wright with 33 pictures added by Phil Leonard. The book is on sale at the museum and soon to be sold in local stores for $5.00. This is a worthwhile book for people interested in Hoosick Falls.

This newsletter is printed monthly and sent to all paid members in 2001 and 2002. Join now.

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