Hoosick Township Historical Society

Louis Miller Museum

May  2001 Newsletter


May 1 Society Meeting

The speaker at the May 1 meeting of the Hoosick Township Historical Society will be Jonathan Daniel.  Mr Daniel is creating an ambitious museum of his own in the old Daniel Store building at the corner of Church St. and John St.  He has already set up the old store as a museum, and is working on setting up an old-time print shop in another room of the building.  He has plans for other rooms in the building, and for other surrounding buildings, which he will discuss in his talk.  Mr. Daniel is also very knowledgeable about Hoosick history, and will discuss many aspects of old Hoosick Falls in his talk.

The program begins at 7 pm, and refreshments will be served afterwards.


Membership Campaign

The 2001 membership drive has been very successful.  To date, we have 34 single memberships, 38 family memberships, 22 company and individual $25 memberships, and 9 sponsors at $50.  Our total income from dues is quadruple that of last year. We have started to grow a membership that shows the community is behind the direction taken by the Historical Society Board.  It is our hope previous members who have not paid their dues yet this year will join again, and that we will see more first-time members joining in the near future.


Farm Exhibit Opens May 5

            A grand opening event will be held May 5 for our new farm exhibit.  We are inviting farmers and others who know about the history of farming in Hoosick to come in on Saturday afternoon and record the history of family farms in the Hoosick area on videotape.  We hope farmers will show up and swap stories of old-time farming in Hoosick Falls. Please help us get the word out, so that we can capture some of the town’s farm history for posterity.

            The exhibit consists of an updated version of an exhibit first put together in 1991 on farms in the Buskirk-West Hoosick area, along with an exhibit of old farm journals and tools from local farms.  The Buskirk-West Hoosick study was designed and created by architectural historian Ned Pratt with assistance from Constance Kheel and others.

            Also on display on May 5 will be a selection of model tractors from the collection of Charles Filkins, and posterboards on the selection of farm implements available from the Walter Wood Company, and weather permitting, a display of actual Walter Wood farm machinery on the side lawn.

            The event will be held from 1-4 pm on Saturday, May 5, and refreshments will be served.


Building Improvement Plans Endorsed

            At the last meeting of the Society, Bob Becker presented a very functional provisional plan to make the museum accessible to handicapped people.  As part of the plan, it would create a better gift shop, as well as a better organized floor plan.  A motion was passed to go ahead with raising money by grant and other means to go ahead with the construction in phases.  Stop in and view the plans.  They are excellent.  Thanks goes out to Bob for a job well done, and at no charge to the Society!


School Projects

            Phil Leonard is working with two girls from the sixth grade at the Central School.  They are producing a TV show to be shown on access TV in the near future.

            All of the fourth graders from the Hoosick Falls Central School visited the museum on April 23 and 24. They are doing a project called ABC History, in which they identify topics in Hoosick history beginning with each of the letters of the alphabet, and then they research each one, and put together a book with an historical essay for each letter of the alphabet.



Resource Books

          The museum now has an organized program to update our research library.  We are gathering information in loose leaf notebooks arranged by topic.  Each page is in sheet protectors so that it can be used without harming the originals. Newspapers clippings are copied onto archival safe paper, since many of the older ones are disintegrating and will soon be lost if they are not copied.  Several volunteers have taken on projects and we are starting to see our library grow.  A list of books finished or in progress:

Churches of this area (four books)

Hoosick Falls murders

Homecoming 2000

Veteran Clippings WWII

Walter Wirmusky, Sarah Guiden, Harriet Hoctor

Centralization of the Hoosick Falls Schools

History of Hoosick Falls Health Center

History of Public Schools in Hoosick Before Centralization

Graduation Programs for Both Local Schools

St. Mary’s School

Grandma Moses

Fires in the Town of Hoosick (two volumes)

            More people are showing an interest in participating, and we welcome their input.