Hoosick Township Historical Society

October 2001 Newsletter


October 2 Society Meeting

On Tuesday, October 2, the Society will host an open house from 6 to 8 pm, which will be the grand opening for our new school exhibit. Our honored guests will be Superintendent of Schools Roger Thompson, and the principals of St. Mary's Academy, the Hoosick Falls High School, Middle School, and Elementary School. A meeting will be convened at 7 pm, and a discussion of Hoosick Falls schools, past and present, will be led by former Hoosick Falls Superintendent Phil Leonard.

The new school display is made up of pictures of the rural schools and village schools before centralization in 1956, as well as many of the news articles about the formation of the Hoosick Falls Central School District. Pictures of faculty, classes, and activities are also included. A section traces the beginning of St. Mary's in 1891, the growth of the school and the building of the new high school building. Pictures of the razing of the convent as well as the story of the closing of the High School are also included. Many class pictures, snapshots and pictures are displayed that are sure to bring back memories.


Christmas Sale

The Society is planning a big sale of historical materials suitable for Christmas gifts, which will be held in November as a fund raiser. We are stocking up now on books, posters, booklets, CDs, notecards, postcards, and other stuff that we can sell to help finance the museum. There will be videotapes of the Eberles and Harriet Hoctor in the movies, framed pictures and many other items of interest to people in the community or for friends and relatives. We will set up a special display of sale items in the front meeting room on Saturday, November 10 from 10 am to 2 pm, and on Monday and Tuesday, November 12 & 13, from 1 to 6 m. After that, all remaining items will still be available during our regular open hours, Monday and Tuesday, 1 to 9 pm, or by appointment.


Troy and the Civil War

A large number attended the September meeting and enjoyed a very interesting talk by on Troy and the Civil War. The Troy area was very important to the Union side during the Civil War.


Last Chance for 2001 Membership.

People are still sendin in membership applications. We have over 170 members now and we hope to increase this in the years to come. If you haven't sent to your membership we wish you would at this time.


Building Project

We are presently seeking funding for much‑needed improvements to our building, including handicapped access, improved fire exits, anew gift shop, and additional storage and display, space. We have applied for a grant from the Howard & Bush Foundation, and we are researching other sources of funding . We expect to launch a fund‑raising campaign in earnest in the near future. A special newsletter will be distribute as we get into this construction. We need the support of all to make this happen.


Web Site Outreach

Learn about our past by visiting our web site at www.hoosickhistory.com. We receive communications from all over the country from people who have learned about our museum through the web site, and several of them have later come to visit us here in Hoosick after corresponding electronically.