Hoosick Township Historical Society

Newsletter - October 2003

Editor: Phil Leonard
Museum Curator: Charles Filkins
Louis Miller Museum (518) 686-4682

Golden Era 1882-1892
Published in the 1892 Hoosick Falls Directory was the following article which talks about these years.

"Since the publication of our first directory, in 1882, we call to mind the following improvements in the village with in the past ten years........The new system of water-works; the electric light and telephone service; the grading of High street near Geer's hollow; the opening of Wilder avenue and dozens of other streets, with the erection of several hundred new and handsome residences; the erection of the beautiful and commodious Cheney block, Holmes block, Byars Block, Wilder block, and McKearn block; the new armory; the brick school house on Main street,; the Seth Parsons Engine and Miller Hose houses; the new Methodist and Baptist churches and the enlargement of the Catholic and Episcopal churches; the new parochial school; the new and extensive storehouses of the 'Wood' works; the extensive coal sheds of Joseph Buckley on Railroad avenue, with a switch-in from the Fitchburg railroad; the macadamized pavement on Classic street; the Elm street culvert; the establishment of the Pruyn Manufacturing; the Hoosick Falls Hosiery Co.; American Road Improvement Co.;two shirt factories; a new muzzle factory; a new brush factory; a new chair factory, with prospects for more in the near future; an efficient letter-carrying system; the numbering of the village streets; the organization of the livest Board of Trade in Central New York; the Hoosac club; the Rensselaer club; the new band stand on Classic street; a new and ably-managed democratic newspaper; and last, but not least, an instructive and conscientiously compiled directory of Hoosick Falls."

From the Editor:
We are in the last quarter of 2003. The year has been busy and eventful. Museum displays have been updated and our volunteers continue setting up history books to be used by the public in our library. We have so much history that should be organized. We have 4 large boxes of old photographs that should be better organized so that a particular photo can be found with little effort. Our post card collection from the Town of Hoosick now is in the 100s and needs further organization. We have a large number of old Standard Presses that have so much history as it was lived. It would be fun to take a particular year and put together short histories of that year. If anyone is interested in the past, our museum is the place to spend some time getting it organized. We hope you enjoy the 10 newsletters each calendar year. If you have any suggestions or would like a particular subject discussed, feel free to contact me. Thank you for your support.

From the Treasurer:
I would like to thank all members for joining. We are now at 190 members with over 30 becoming supporting members. For the first time membership has raised approximately $4,000. The sale of books created at the museum has been very well received and has helped us financially. Several local individuals have given us extra donations. The Town and Village governments have been kind to us. Our total budget of $20,000 has become reachable and in the black. The one big surprise this year was the increase in our insurance costs from $1.800 to $3,064.

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