Hoosick Township Historical Society

The Store at Hoosick Corner

We received an old picture from Isabelle Marshall. It was the building next to the present Seifert’s Auction House in Hoosick taken around 1911.To get a wider view of this area, I found a picture, taken circa 1915, of “The Store” at Hoosick Corner that was owned by Thomas F. Howe and next to the Marshall store..

Mrs Marshall wrote that sitting on the porch was Albert Hotchkin Marshall with his son Albert Fenton Marshall. Her husband Rudy was another son born in 1911. Mr. Marshall ran a barber shop in this building. In our research we found that he was a barber in 1908 at the American House which was a large hotel that stood on the corner where Helvi’s Store is now located.

Thomas F. Howe owned the store from around 1895 to his death in 1930. Thomas Howe became postmaster of Hoosick in 1908 and ran the postoffice until 1930. His daughter, Fanny, ran the store for a short time in the early 1930's before it was sold. Thomas married Zoe Fanny Rudd on June10, 1891. We have her wedding gown and wedding invitation on display in the Wedding Room at the Louis Miller Museum. They had four daughters who did not marry. They grew up at their father’s general store in Hoosick Corners and moved to Troy in 1932. Fannie was the head librarian at Troy Public Library for 44 years and was a trustee of the Rensselaer County Historical Society. Ruth, a nurse, was also a member of the Rensselaer County Historical Society and bequeathed her extensive antique button collection to that society. Ethel taught Spanish in the Troy public school system for decades and Dorothy taught high school math in Mechanicville for 40 years.

Dorothy Church Howe was the last living daughter and died at age 87 in their home on 23 South Lake Avenue, Troy, NY. The sisters rarely threw anything away. An auction took eight hours to sell every thing collected and brought in close to $100,000 in 1987. A Christmas card signed by Grandma Moses sold for $50. A biography of Grandma Moses with her autograph went for $60. A painting by Joseph Hidley of Poestenkill brought in $5,000. All the monies from the Howe estate were divided between six of the sisters’ favorite charities: Hoosick Baptist Church, Hoosick Episcopal Church, Rensselaer County Historical Society, Hoosick Township Historical Society, Troy Public Library and Hoosac School. This money we received was used to establish more displays at the museum and was added to our endownment. We are thankful to the Howe sisters.

Compiled for HoosickHistory - Phil Leonard - January 2007.