Hoosick Township Historical Society

7 Soldiers in Vietnam

The local Weir Reynolds Swimming Pool was opened on July 8, 1967. Starting in June 1966 a fund drive took place to raise the $60,000 needed to build the pool and bath house. The whole town was involved in raising the money. Plaques were sold at $450 and were mounted on the front wall of the bath house. In May 1967, a letter and check arrived from Vietnam. Carl Kempf, Jr. with five other soldiers chipped in $10 each for the pool fund. Immediately after the letter appeared in the Standard Press, many donations toward a plaque for the soldiers arrived.

A plaque which read, "7 Soldiers in Vietnam" was established at the flag pole near the diving board. Carl told me the other day that recently Bob Blackledge from Illinois stopped by on his way to New Hampshire and asked what happened to his ten dollars. He was glad to see the plaque and the pool complex. What a great story!!!


Compiled for HoosickHistory - Phil Leonard